Jaguar – Unleashed By James Peck

If I were James Bond, I’d own a Jaguar XKR for pure unadulterated joy – it’s a driving sensation!

Jaguar Unleashed

The Aston Martin has been the secret agent workhorse for fifty years, so are we really to believe that Monsieur Bond doesn’t have an alternative runabout for the weekends when global catastrophe isn’t on the agenda?

If he did, it would surely be a Jaguar. The new range of XKs, XKRs, XJs and XFs is what gentleman driving is all about. The maestros at Jaguar have fuel-injected a classy fun back into its premier range.

I wouldn’t be the first to comment on the fluid lines and sculpted bodywork but Jaguar has produced a design template that oozes sophistication. The cars are stylish but not exorbitant, sleek not minimalist, and fast but not terrifying. These are luxury cars that disguise their power with neat internal touches that intrigue and indulge.

After taking the XKR around the Goodwood track, I can confirm that horsepower is no longer the appropriate terminology – bullpower is the new standard.

The cornering, the grip, the torque, the acceleration and the gear ratios are all precisely engineered so that the driving experience is an adrenalin fuelled rush that really blows the mind!