Indian Bridal Beauty By Reena Patel

Our beauty contributor and very own Indian bride-to-be, Reena Patel, shares insights into the world of Asian bridal beauty couture.

Indian Bridal Beauty


Some Asian beauties mask their warm natural tones with a dull, ashy, pale base. This would be a mistake on your wedding day. Go to Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier to steal the limelight and achieve a natural, flawless base. To camouflage dark circles try cover-ups such as Bobbi Brown Correctors in peachy and biscuit tones before applying concealer to neautralise the area. Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturisers also work to achieve a fresh dewy glow. Bobbi Brown advises brides to ‘go for a makeup look that enhances your features so you look like yourself at your most radiant…stay away from anything trendy or complicated and stick to classic shades.’


A hot commodity in the world of hair and with such charm, it’s no wonder the industry and his clientele call him ‘Dar the Darling’. Some have even named him ‘Mr Big’, as Dar effortlessly transforms flat, lifeless locks into high volume, glamorous Bollywood hair. This hair guru has graced the locks of A-listers in both London and Mumbai including Jemima Khan, Goldie Hawn and Aishwarya Rai. His signature couture quiffs, knots, up do’s and catwalk ready blow dries seriously stand him apart from the styling set. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Dar at Chelsea’s Hari’s Salon, tirelessly working to give locals and A-Listers the star treatment with the utmost humility. True to his word, my hair got its bounce back and now has a new lease on life. Hari’s also offer a fantastic Wedding Planning Service, which sends reminders on hair appointments in the run up to the day, a healthy hair boot camp regime for glossy, thicker hair and style consultancy trials.

Tel: 020 7581 5211


No Asian wedding prep would be the same without a mehndi party; the brides night of bridal preparation and celebration. At just 26 years old, Pavan Ahluwahlia features as the World’s Fastest Mehndi (Henna) Artist in the Guinness Book of Records (in just one hour she painted a staggering 314 individually designed armbands). Pavan adorns body art not only with speed but innate precision. Intricate, detailed patterns are applied to the bride’s hands and feet in flowing swirls and pretty shapes using a strong dark dye that dries to a deep intense orange/red and lasts up to two weeks. Legend has it that the darker the dye turns, the more your mother-in-law will love you!

As well as the classic Rajasthani bridal option, Pavan uses temporary dyes and coloured glitters, gemstones and crystals to create more contemporary designs. She also creatively matches her patterns to suit the style and colours of your bridal dress.

Prices upon consultation.


The regal look of Mughal majesty seems effortless when bedecked with exquisite creations by Kyle’s Collection. Since it was established 20 years ago, this treasure trove in London’s East End continues to maintain a high level bespoke service for royalty and brides alike. During your personal appointment, Kyle’s works closely with you to understand what will work best for your special occasion and goes to impressive lengths to get every bride looking her very best. Kyle’s ask brides to bring in their dress, or a fabric sample to be able to complement and balance the overall look without overpowering it. Understanding a client’s makeup and hairstyles for the event, skin tone and physique (if you’re petite or broad shouldered, then heavier, elaborate designs may not be recommended) and personality are also considered. Once the design has been chosen (there are various vintage, contemporary and cross-cultural fusion styles.

Each ornate piece is handcrafted on site using one of six different set finishing’s (gold, bronze, antique gold, antique bronze, rhodium and jet) and a brilliant spectrum of Swarovski crystals. Busy brides can sigh in relief; a bespoke creation can take just two weeks to complete.

Bespoke creations from £65.