HUF Haus By The Luxury Channel

A front row seat in Nature’s theatre.

Huf Haus

At first glance a HUF Haus appears to be at odds with nature – all sharp angles, gleaming glass and sleek edges. However, behind its slick façade, it’s a surprisingly traditional company with a sense of responsibility towards our planet and it’s inhabitants.

Established in 1912, the family-run business now has a near cult following, due to its distinctive building style that refuses to surrender to passing trends. However, there is one modern issue that HUF Haus is readily addressing: that of the environment.

Doing their bit to protect everything from polar bears to pipistrelles, HUF Haus is ushering in a new era with what they term the ‘Green [R]evolution’. In the belief that modern architecture should embrace modern issues, HUF Haus aims to distinguish itself through the acceptance of its responsibilities towards climate and environmental protection.

Basic Green [R]evolution houses include specially designed heating systems, as well as triple glazing to retain heat and block out noise, while optional ‘photovoltaic’ systems (that’s solar panels to you and me) convert solar energy into electrical energy, which can earn you money back on your utility bills. And of course, HUF Haus’s trademark ‘flat pack’ construction means that every component is shipped over in a single shipment from Germany and erected in a week, minimising the impact on the environment.

Huf Haus

And their nature-friendly approach doesn’t stop there. One couple in Hampshire found their dream design threatened when they discovered a colony of bats on their land. All species of bat in the UK are protected by law and it is illegal to destroy their roosts, so the project looked set for the scrap heap. Turning to HUF Haus for help, the company came up with a specially designed ‘bat loft’ in which to house the furry creatures. Fully integrated into the design of the house, the bats can now flit in and out of their new home as they please and are now almost certainly the most luxuriously housed bats in the world.

The vast planes of glass so integral to a HUF Haus design allow owners an almost constant view of the outside world. Whether it be of bats darting to and fro at night, or birds feeding in the garden by day, these buildings draw the outside in, providing nature lovers with a seat in the “front row of the theatre of nature.”

HUF Haus combines a love of nature with the traditional and the futuristic, the simple and the ambitious, the starkly cool and the nicely natural. It’s a contradiction. But, strangely, it works.

* HUF Haus Green [R]evolution houses are bespoke and the most basic design begins at £450,000 (£200 per sq. ft.), not including the plot of land.