HIP Hotels – A Grand Tour of Highly Individual Places By The Luxury Channel

La Minervetta

When it comes to travel, we all want to find that unique outpost with character, charm and just a little je ne sais quoi, something that makes a getaway just that little bit extra special. That particular travel nail is hit firmly on the head with HIP Hotels – the “hip” part of the equation standing for Highly Individual Places. So, whether that’s a private villa on a wild Greek island, or a hotel on a par with a 007 film location in Marmaris, you can bet there’s a property in the HIP portfolio that ticks all the right boxes, and then some.

Villa Ducale

The HIP Hotels name has been around for a while, but a recent re-launch has seen the business capitalise on its potential for business worldwide. Hotels that are selected to join the group share the HIP signature and, once they are accepted into the portfolio, gain a veritable stamp of approval. The fact that they are HIP hotels means they are unique properties with a story to tell and a culture to share.

Casa Angelina

In-keeping with the brand’s historical traditions, however, HIP has released The Grand Tour, a coffee table tome to celebrate all that is great about travelling in Italy. World-famous travel photographer Herbert Ypma has lent his discerning eye to the project, along with Fiorenza Lago, a writer with an infinite passion for her home country. Part of an ongoing series, the first HIP Hotels City book was released in 1999, and with the other 13 titles that followed, travel connoisseurs and curious holiday-makers alike have been waiting for HIP’s next journey.

HIP Hotels

With The Grand Tour, they will most certainly see that wish granted. Scouring Italy to bring the ultimate travellers’ encyclopaedia into one single volume, the team at HIP has worked tirelessly to uncover Italy’s hidden gems; living, eating and breathing the Italy has inspired travellers to visit here for centuries. One of the world’s most romantically idyllic destinations, readers of The Grand Tour will be instantly transported to the most inspiring properties the country can offer, absorbing their enriching culture, unique designs and majestic beauty.

Capri Palace

Just to add a contemporary twist to proceedings, HIP has launched an innovative new web app called Sheradill. Mini breaks at HIP Hotels can easily be gained by sharing properties with friends and followers on social media. For every action or share, a user earns Sheradill credits, which in turn bring down the price of their getaway. Find the date that suits, and book the hotel – it’s that easy! Time to start planning your next escape….

La Minervetta

For more information about HIP Hotels, visit www.hiphotels.com and for more information about Sheradill, visit www.sheradill.com.