Hey There Georgia Girl! By Ben Mirza

Georgia Hardinge

Ben Mirza introduces British fashion designer Georgia Hardinge….

Fuse together Fritz Lang’s futurist masterpiece Metropolis, colourful exoticism, playful fantasy and an abundance of femininity and what you get are the eye-catching designs of Georgia Hardinge.

Fast becoming the enchantress of British fashion, Georgia’s creations are structured with a perfectly balanced amount of eccentricity, eclectic beauty and kaleidoscopic colours. British fashion has forever been in a state of flux, with new designers pushing the sartorial boundaries, emerging from those creative bastions like St Martin’s and Goldsmith’s, yet in the second decade of the new century, none trigger such awe as Georgia. The magic formula which keeps her surging ahead of the rest is purely down to an intense and unique work ethic, and she has turned the creative process into an art form all of its own.

Georgia Hardinge Design

It is often said that the beauty is in the delivery, but in Georgia’s case, the beauty begins with the conception of an idea, a fantasy which becomes a reality. The creative process is a wildly intensive event for any designer, yet where many view the process as an ephemeral component in the road leading to the finished product, Georgia takes it to a new level – the creative process is something that gives birth to its own beauty. For example, her installation piece for Fashion 156 at London Fashion Week, titled Army of Spiders, is a testament to that, illustrating the way in which she designs, saying “this piece especially reflects a dark nature with the feel of an architectural model. Before starting any collection, I manipulate paper or card to create interesting structures, then transfer these into fabric.”

Georgia Hardinge Collection

It is extremely difficult to place Georgia in any particular category, as her designs embrace the bohemian and the classical, the colourful and the conservative; like a magpie, Georgia collects curiosities from diverse places in her pursuit of creating the most deliciously beautiful garments. However, it is art and sculpture that continue to be the source of her unbridled inspiration, as “I was always interested in art and sculpture…fashion came to be a way of expression. Fashion has become my media which allows me to recreate my forms of architecture. What I love is to challenge myself to make something creative yet wearable at the same time.”

Since leaving the Parsons School For Design in Paris, success has grown and industry attention has flourished, with shows in London, Paris and New York, and some of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry clamouring for her designs, including the likes of Lady Gaga, Erin O’Connor, Jess Mills and Beyoncé, to name but a few. Georgia remains unphased by such attention, keeping a clear head and her innate creative eccentricity intact.

Georgia Hardinge Show

The fact Georgia has been able to ignite such a flurry of interest so quickly is certainly no mystery. Her clothes are an embodiment of all that is fresh and exciting in the world today, tipping the boundaries of convention, yet keeping elegance and sophistication at the forefront. From the Spined Collection to the Cubed Collection, each garment is unique in the way it flatters the body and catches the eye, whether it is flowing bohemian gowns, cat suits or blouses. Some would say it is impossible for a designer to invocate so many themes all at once, but when it comes to a Georgia Hardinge collection, themes overlap and intertwine, mixing together romanticism, exoticism and far-out fantasy, which is another reason why Georgia is a designer who will continually grow with success.

For more information about Georgia Hardinge’s designs, go to www.georgiahardinge.co.uk.
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