Hästens – Crafting Sleep For A Restless World By Fiona Sanderson

Providing the planet with the best bed in the world requires precision and allows for no shortcuts, and no compromises. Fortunately for the sleep-deprived denizens of the 21st century, Hästens has been hand-making beds since 1852 (which, for those who know their history, is well before the invention of the light bulb), so it’s no surprise that their master craftsmen know a thing or two about getting a good night’s sleep.

“We are not selling beds – we are selling sleep,” says Ana Mladenovic, manager of Hästens’ Chelsea store in London. “Your sleep is priceless.” Indeed, on average we will spend a third of our lives in bed, so it makes sense to invest time into choosing the right bed. Adhering firmly to the principle that sleep is the single most important aspect of life, Hästens has honed its bed-making craft over the course of 160 years. After all, a good night’s sleep brings more benefits than just the satisfaction of having slept well – you live longer, look younger, keep a healthy weight easier, learn quicker and perform better. “Sleep affects how you age, how you work, all manner of things,” Ana cautions. “That’s why it’s important to have the right bed – you must wake up full of energy. Choosing the right bed is an investment in your well-being but it’s also an investment in your life.”

Hästens uses only natural materials in their beds, designed specifically to provide the perfect conditions for better, deeper sleep, such as horsehair for insulation and ventilation, and flax for a quieter sleep environment. Each and every bed Hastens sells is handmade in their factory in Koping, Sweden. “No request is too big; no detail goes unnoticed,” Ana says of the process. “Our commitment is to provide only the very best beds.”

Perhaps the best bed that Hästens makes is the Vividus, a £100,000 speciality that takes a team of ten people over 320 hours to make. “It is truly unique,” Ana smiles. “Sleeping in one makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud.” Very special indeed – so no surprise that when The Luxury Channel was in the store, we spied actress Rula Lenska testing it out.

When it comes to testing out, we reviewed the Hästens topper, which they advocate you should put on top of your mattress to give an added dimension to your sleep. It made a huge difference to the level of comfort on top of a superior king-size mattress and our sleep improved 100%. Despite its weight, it gave the feeling of total relaxation, and made us very aware of the importance of ensuring that your bed gives you the best night’s sleep possible. Plus, bear in mind that this was just the topper – so imagine the difference that an actual Hastens bed could make!

But in actuality, can a bed really change your life? Ana is emphatic in her response. “Yes it can! Sleep is so important,” she enthuses, “and at Hästens, what we offer is the opportunity to get the right amount of sleep. You will be much happier – this is one of the greatest luxuries you can buy.” Which is good to know considering we live in a world where we’re all waking up far too tired, surviving on the bare minimum amount of sleep required whilst still trying to pack as much as possible into our hectic working days.

“At Hästens, we have a deep conviction that there is something better out there than what most people around the world know of as sleep,” says Ana. “Most people have never even imagined the kind of sleep we know is possible in a Hästens bed.” Tellingly, she adds that “we all sleep well here.” Which, when you’re selling the best beds in the world, makes perfect sense. On that note, we’re off for a well-deserved sleep….

For more information, go to www.hastens.com or watch the film here.