Grant Thomas By The Luxury Channel

Seventeen year old Welsh photographer Grant Thomas specialises in fashion photography and is one of the rising stars of that challenging world.

Grant Thomas

Born and bred in the remote countryside of Wales, miles away from civilization, Grant spent his time exploring self-portraiture and evolved rapidly, which saw him travelling throughout the United Kingdom, Paris and Europe, working alongside young and evolving individuals of similar calibre. At sixteen, Grant relocated to central London and continued doing what he loves at a higher level.

“Photography isn’t just what I do; it’s what I love to do,” he told us. “The part that leaves me in awe is creating something beautiful that could last forever; in digital and print format but more especially, I aim to leave the image in the viewers’ mind. Sometimes I think it’s too fun to be a job, then I realise you can never have too much fun!”

Now London-based, Grant’s interest in the more elaborate and intricate detail of fashion photography has inspired the myriad of evocative images he creates, full of texture and vibrant detailing. In a short period of time, Grant has produced extensive fashion editorials for esteemed publications and has collaborated with a number of prestigious creative agencies, models and reputable industry professionals.

Grant Thomas