Gold – The Elixir Of Life By The Luxury Channel

A non-invasive treatment by John Tsagaris is no fool’s gold. Be prepared for wondrous results!

Gold, the elixir of life

A woman in her mid-twenties is not necessarily the most suitable candidate for John Tsagaris’ extravagant, scientifically advanced and artful Chrysotherapy Facial Treatment.

However, I reasoned that my relative youth made my skin rather objective and reactionary. The wrinkles that have formed on my right hand brow do require obliteration and I had heard brilliant things about the beautifying powers of Tsagaris.

As such, it was with great interest that I walked into the Marylebone clinic (all scented candles and Grecian busts) to try this seven-step wonder treatment.

Tsagaris is a doctor of Chinese medicine with an Honors Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with Human Bioscience. The treatment uses ancient Chinese tools and techniques, with a distinctly academic approach to the proposed gold infusion.

They say the body re-generates and changes every seven years, and there are seven distinct and very important stages in Tsagaris’ treatment.

  1. CLEANSING: with a 24k gold lotion.
  2. DERMA-ROLLER: a Chinese gold derma-roller is used to bring blood to the surface of the skin and stimulate collagen production.
  3. STEAMER: an Ozone steamer is used to open the pores and kill bacteria. The steam protects the skin from harmful free radicals.
  4. SLIDING CUPS: Chinese cups slide across the face to lift facial tissue and drain excess fluid. A Nano – gold lotion is then applied – this prepares the skin for the absorption of the pure 24K gold.
  5. GOLD MASK: 24K gold sheets are applied to the face and massaged into the skin.
  6. ACUPRESSURE: used with a gold moisturizer to release muscular tension, this aids healing and allows the gold to be completely absorbed by the skin.
  7. LED THERAPEUTIC MASK: provides dramatic cellular stimulation that will encourage collagen and healing.

Each step of the process was unique, sensory and wonderful. Whilst scars from adolescence, too many summers spent in the sun and the sins of youthful abandon, were brought to the surface, Tsagaris observed – and helped – to reduce their impact using this treatment. I particularly enjoyed the effects of the sliding Chinese cups (which leave no marks) and, of course, the actual application of the gold.

Post treatment, my skin feels like velvet and completely even. Shockingly, it has absorbed all the gold but this causes no harm. Gold’s antioxidant properties serve to both negate and fight toxins.

Two days later, my skin feels plumper and clear, and friends comment on my glow! And the first of life’s wrinkles? Well, they have vanished for now – my skin and I have a fresh and golden start.