Get The BAFTA Look! By Jayjay Epega

Image courtesy of BAFTA

Image courtesy of BAFTA

The EE BAFTA Film Awards take place on Sunday 8th February 2015. The Luxury Channel had a very special invite ahead of the event to take a look into the style preparations by some of the official sponsors, where we were given top tips from leading experts on how to prepare for one of the UK film industry’s most glamorous nights!

Charles Worthington

The BAFTAs will be a contemporary mix of classic versus current trends. I think the looks at The BAFTAs will touch on the SS15 hair trend as seen at Fashion Week and will be a great platform to debut these on the red carpet. Hair will be relaxed, yet bold in its approach and shape, less sculptured, but more modern with a subtle “hint” of glamour – be it a wave or a roll. London is the heart of fashion and this will be the perfect excuse to showcase that.

Jessica Alba (image courtesy of BAFTA)

Jessica Alba (image courtesy of BAFTA)

Charles Worthington’s Top Tips:

1. Freshly wash hair on the day – clean hair can be made pliable with product for more control than if it’s slightly dirty.

2. For tonnes of volume that lasts, use Charles Worthington BAFTA Limited Edition Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse. It’s best in the roots, mainly on underneath sections and with less on top.

3. Layer products up to suit each hair type.

4. Hairspray in at the roots when styling is good for grit, which brushes out easily.

Jeremy Hackett

Jeremy Hackett is the Chairman of Hackett London.

Jeremy Hackett’s Top Tips:

1.Jackets – While lapels are mostly personal preference, remember that certain styles suit certain body types. As a general rule, peak lapels suits a slimmer shape and a shawl collar is more flattering on a stockier guy. Taller men should wear shawl collars with a slim lapel as they draw the eye down. Shorter men should opt for a one-button peak lapel dinner jacket as it will elongate the body. A double-breasted jacket is very traditional and is generally favoured by older gentlemen, but we have seen a distinct rise in popularity this year with younger guys.

2. Shirts – There are two shirt options for formal dress: Marcella (a golf-ball style material) and pleat front. You should always wear a soft forward collar for formal dress. The only time you should wear a wing collar is with white tie. Dress shirts are always double-cuffed shirts, so you have to wear cufflinks.

Brad Pitt (image courtesy of BAFTA)

Brad Pitt (image courtesy of BAFTA)

3. Trousers – In formal dress, you should never have a turn-up on your trousers. Everything has to be plain and clean. Belts are never acceptable with formal dress, so you either have braces or you adjust the side of the trousers to fit. When it comes to alterations, you can let out trousers from the V inlay at the back of the waistband, but you must always ensure you have 3/8ths of a seam on either side or else you run the risk of splitting them mid-waltz! When it comes to length, trousers should be two inches from the floor up and you should always try them on whilst wearing the shoes you are likely to wear for your event.

4. Bow Ties – Coloured and patterned bow ties are acceptable for the red carpet. Contrary to popular belief, decent ready-tied bow ties are acceptable, but you can’t achieve that cool Bond-esque, relaxed look when you undo it at the end of the evening.

5. Footwear – You should opt for classic patent dress shoes or something in plain black, but well-polished. Tassels should be avoided, but velvet slippers are perfectly acceptable. No matter which style you choose, all shoes should be worn with top-quality, thin black socks.

6. General Rule – Keep it simple; it’s formal dress not fancy dress!


Lancôme is celebrating 15 years as Official Beauty Partner for the EE BAFTA Film Awards.

Lupita Nyong'o (image courtesy of Lancôme)

Lupita Nyong’o (image courtesy of Lancôme)

Lancôme’s Top Tips:

1. For A Statement Look – Create a flawless complexion with Teint Visionnaire Foundation, and add a natural contour effect to the cheeks with the Blush Subtil Palette. This palette is a red carpet must-have, as it can also be used for eyes as well. Use a nude shade to frame the eyes and finish with lashings of Grandiose Mascara. To complete the look, create a statement lip by dabbing L’Absolu Rouge BAFTA Limited Edition Lipstick and then blend out with fingers.

2. For A Soft And Smoky Look – Create a daytime smoky look using a matte taupe eyeshadow shade to frame the eyes. This look is very modern, as there is no eyeliner used, and it is finished with Grandiose Mascara for an intense, false lash effect.

Penelope Cruz (image courtesy of BAFTA)

Penelope Cruz (image courtesy of BAFTA)

3. For A Pure And Radiant Look – Beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin! Prep your complexion with Advanced Genifique, then follow with Genifique Eye Light Pearl to brighten and de-puff around the eyes. Prime the skin with Le Base Pro Hydra Glow, as this under your foundation will give you an understated dewy finish. Perfect the skin with Teint Visionnaire Foundation to give you all-over, seamless coverage and balance out any imperfections. Disguise any dark circles by applying Le Correctuer Pro in a triangle formation under the eyes. This will reflect the light and give an uplifting effect. Finally, enhance the cheek bones by contouring with the Blush Subtil Palette, adding a flush of colour onto the apple of the cheeks.

4. For A Bronzed Look – Create soft, radiant eyes with a brightening bronze shade palette. Give the eyes more of a “wide-eyed” effect, by smudging a kohl pencil onto the top lid. Finish with Grandiose Mascara, for an intense false lash effect.

Yoko London

Red carpet jewellery should compliment and enhance your outfit, providing a luxurious finish to your overall look. Hairstyle should be considered when choosing a piece to wear, as up-dos will work particularly well in accentuating earrings and necklaces. I foresee that BAFTA jewellery trends will range from more contemporary looks, like ear cuffs and double finger rings, to classically glamorous items like large drop earrings and opulent statement necklaces.

Image courtesy of Yoko London

Image courtesy of Yoko London

Yoko London’s Top Tips:

1. Dare to be different by wearing a backless dress with long ropes of pearls elegantly draped across the back.

2. Wear glittering drop earrings teamed with a large cocktail ring featuring pearls and diamonds. This look ensures your jewellery has great impact, whilst maintaining an elegant minimalism. Keep your hair and make-up simple to offset the impact of the jewels.

3. Match the colours and tones in your outfit with the natural coloured pearls and vibrant precious stones in your jewellery. Choosing bold colours will give instant stand-out on the red carpet.

Image courtesy of Yoko London

Image courtesy of Yoko London

4. If you are opting for an outfit with neutral tones such as grey or black, go for an edgy accessory to offset this neutrality. For example, wear an ear cuff on one ear and style your hair to one side to highlight this. Alternatively, dark jewels like black Tahitian pearls and black diamonds can provide some drama to an understated outfit.

5. For the ultimate statement of elegance, a sumptuous necklace – such as those in our Masterpiece collection – cannot fail to make you stand out. Be aware that the necklace must be suitable for the neckline of your outfit. Lower cuts and strapless dresses work particularly well. If you are wearing a higher neckline, ensure the necklace compliments the material of your outfit.