From Range Rover With Love – Daniel Craig Reveals The All-New Range Rover Sport By Hannah Norman

Daniel Craig and the All-New Range Rover Sport

A daring car ride through deserted city streets and flooded tunnels in a race against time sounds like the sort of thing James Bond is best known for. But when Daniel Craig stepped behind the wheel of the All-New Range Rover Sport, this was surely life imitating art, as he put the vehicle through its sporty paces.

Manhattan came to a standstill as Craig – and the flashy dark red model he was driving – turned heads as he speeded through the shut-off streets. Handling the car with all the panache that you would expect from a man whose day job involves driving some of the finest motors in the world, Craig’s New York adventure culminated in the safe delivery of the Sport to a packed crowd of specially invited guests.

A film of the Sport’s epic journey was made by famed Hollywood director Jonathan P. B. Taylor, and was streamed live in real time – marking the first time that Land Rover has staged a global reveal on the streets of its biggest buyers. As Land Rover Global Brand Director John Edwards succinctly put it, the All-New Range Rover Sport “turned heads and stopped traffic in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.”

As for Craig, with three Bond films under his belt, he’s clearly far too used to living life on the edge. “I sadly couldn’t get it too quick out there on the streets but I’d like to push it a little bit,” the 007 actor said of the Sport. “I had fun. I enjoyed throwing it around but I’d like to throw it around a bit more and see what it can really do.” Road users everywhere – you have been warned!