Fireworks And Music With Serena Foyle By Antonia Peck

The Foyle name is celebrated globally for its association with literature through the eponymous London book shop. However, it would seem that future generations following in William Foyle’s footsteps have inherited a zeal for showcasing and sharing their passion for the experiential.

Serena Foyle

Serena Foyle is William’s great grand-daughter. She studied music at Edinburgh University and then at the prestigious London School of Sound. Serena now uses this grounding to conjure a bespoke mix of music to enhance audiences’ enjoyment of firework displays.

Her creations aim to take participants on a journey playing to each audience type and the surroundings that they find themselves in – seamlessly and ingeniously moving between musical genres.

The Luxury Channel speaks to her about her unique offering and the planning process that each event entails.

Tell us about your work…

My work is about creating music and firework displays where both elements are treated with equal importance. I design the music for the displays and collaborate with a fireworks designer, to create a high impact result that captivates the audience. I like to work with a pyrotechnician that shares my vision and understands how to interpret music in a sensitive way. This I have found with Andrew Wiggins, head designer of Jubilee Fireworks, who I work with on most projects.

When planning your concept, what comes first – the sound or the visual?

The sound always comes first with any Pyromusical design and the fireworks choreographed to that soundtrack. The process is very similar to that of ballet, with the music being the inspiration for its choreography.

What music inspires you?

I find inspiration can come from almost any style of music!

Who are your clients?

Clients all tend to be on a private basis, having any sort of event from private parties to weddings to charity events.

What is the role of your audience?

I don’t believe the audience has a role. They are there to view the display but it is my job to grab their attention and hold it for the entire display.

Do you think that the ceremonial use of fireworks and music was used to full effect during the 2012 Olympics?

A stadium does not lend itself to being a perfect location for designing a fireworks display, as it is very limiting with its shape! This limits your firework design and material choices. There were, however, some clever moments, where the firework designer had used the round stadium to its best advantage for enhancing the music.

What and where would be your dream project?

I would love to create a live music concert with some of the most exciting music in the world, all set to fireworks. It doesn’t matter where it is, as long as the location has the right atmosphere!

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I recently designed the music for a large budget display at an estate outside London. The music choices were carefully selected for the client to suit the intimate nature of the event. I am now designing music for a display taking place in the Philippines in early March.

Congratulations on your engagement! Will you be planning a display for your own wedding?

I’d like to leave that as a surprise!

What is luxury to you?

Anything that is at the top of its field and that is created exclusively for the person wishing to pay for it. Every music track and every display I create is different each time and most importantly, tailor-made to the desires of that client.

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