Fashion In The Rain By Hannah Norman

Henley Royal Regatta (image courtesy of the Press Association)

Henley Royal Regatta (image courtesy of the Press Association)

The British Summer Social Season is now well underway, and whilst we’re happy to sip champagne and watch some of the finest feats of sporting achievement the calendar can produce, there’s one problem we never really prepare for – the weather! We bring you our guide to keeping both dry and warm when the sun goes in, while maintaining the glam factor required for such functions.

Didit Hediprasetyo

No-one wants to hide a new dress under a coat, but designer Didit Hediprasetyo toughens up an evening dress with a leather jacket, keeping the look suitably elegant with a flock of birds taking flight across it. Keep the cold at bay by draping elegantly over your shoulders for another way to work this look.

Gemma Chan

To keep hands warm (whilst also sporting one of The Season’s most coveted trends), try Cornelia James. Glove maker to the Queen for a reason, the stylish designs are not just utilitarian, but utterly gorgeous too.

Clements & Church

Finally, the most inconvenient problem incurred during the Season – the rain! Stay dry with a Clements & Church umbrella. These bespoke brollies are handmade in Italy, in the only place left in the Western world that still manufactures by hand. Worthy of holding aloft!