Escape To New York’s Mohonk Mountain House By Saira Malhotra

When the heat dials up and gets trapped by NYC’s skyscrapers, there is a charming place to seek refuge: Mohonk Mountain House, a national Historic Landmark, which lies deep between the peaks and troughs of the Hudson Valley.


Once there, you can check your sweaty, tired self at the door and prepare for Mohonk Mountain house to pamper, rejuvenate and feed you well. Being rated as being the Number One Resort Spa in the United States and within the top ten for Green Spas around the world, one is offered all kinds of treatments from Mohonk Red Massage using property-grown witch hazel to Peace In The Pool with Tai Chi and meditation.

With a spa perched above the trees in one corner of the House, the rest of the house is a place you can call home, with milk and homemade biscuits served to all the guests at tea-time (have as many as you want, no-one is watching!), children scurrying to the Kids Club where they are taught tennis, meet animals and get together every evening again (for non-cheesy entertainment). And for you, there are acres of grounds to hike, boat, horse-ride, swim and play golf.


As the evening draws in, it is nice to take your glass of wine to one of the many porches that line the House and watch the sunset over the mountains. The clean air will certainly make you work up an appetite and the House’s restaurants will be happy to oblige with locally sourced ingredients and an international touch with ingredients like cumin and lemongrass.

The drive from Manhattan is one hour and 20 minutes – a perfect local retreat for the city dweller.

Mohonk Mountain House Spa, 1000 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz, N.Y.; (877) 877-2664.

Saira Malhotra is a chef, food writer and cooking instructor based in New York City. To see more of her work, visit