Egg Lodges – One Is Never Un Oef! By The Luxury Channel

Beach Lodge

BMT Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of BMT Group, has announced the development of a new series of houseboats, floating lodges and beach houses – luxurious living concepts crafted from a unique egg-shaped form reclaimed from a previous project. BMT Asia Pacific Managing Director Richard Colwill revealed “in the same way that an egg provides a flexible base for many recipes, we see countless opportunities in the development of this design for private or commercial use. The familiar, yet innovate form could be readily deployed along river and coastal sites, and a beach house variant has even been developed.”

Houseboat Interior

Designed by both Colwill and Henry Ward of Henry Ward Design, the first models in the ‘Sea-Suite’ series illustrate the flexibility of this eggy form. The floating lodge, for instance, takes the form of the mould’s original shape in which a stunning two bedroom home has been created. Expansive but shaded windows flood the 6m high lounge with light from either side, while decking creates easy access to the water. The luxury space is envisaged as easily at home along a lake, or as part of a cluster studio development. The high levels of roof insulation, moderation of temperature from its water setting and potential addition of solar panels to the expansive roof create a sustainable unit for all climates.

Floating Lodge

Taking the concept a step further, the design team “cracked the egg” raising and separating the top shell, which has been sculpted to form a terracotta roof edged with flowing curves. This created an airy loft style houseboat with stepped mezzanine levels leading up to a master bedroom, featuring expansive views through full height windows. This houseboat was designed asymmetrically with open views from the study, kitchen, snug and dining areas. Additional cabins provide extra accommodation for guests, while a secluded roof deck allows for sunbathing or stargazing.

“We’ve just scraped the surface of the design flexibility available,” co-designer Henry Ward admitted, “from individual houseboat and lakeland lodge, to resort cabin, marina office, beach house – and even art galleries and other novel commercial spaces.” Quite literally, watch this space!