Do You Judge Your Friends By Their Interiors? By Lauren Steventon

The Luxury Channel asked British designer Tara Bernerd to tell us how we are judged on our homes and what our property says about our personality….


I don’t believe we are judged per se, more that our home is ultimately an expression of ourselves. It’s where the heart of us exists and therefore, how we choose to live – our tastes and our characters are exposed. Our homes are often insights into each other. It’s human nature to be interested, perhaps stimulated, by seeing the displays of others. To be invited into someone’s home is an invitation into our more private lives – more than if we were say, in a restaurant; so in some ways, there will always be a curiosity from the visitor and often pride as the host.

When a guests enters someone’s home, the overall story or language will usually impact first, i.e. is it modern with clean lines, or cluttered and full of antiques and books? Actually a smell, or an atmosphere, are subconsciously our first impressions. Then comes a colour sense. That weighs heavily on the guest and their eye for detail. Marvellous floors, strong features, open plan living and the furniture that lies within this are all clearly going to make an impact and offer an insight into the personality and taste of the host.

Of course, as I work in this arena and live and breathe it, I take in everything. I find travelling the most stimulating. Having just left someone’s home in Buenos Aires, I am moved by cultural differences, such as amazing tiled floors, marvellous shutters and incredible doors.

People project their personalities through their homes best when they are honest in this way. Genuine choices are very rewarding and work best. Be it a love of colour, or an incredible eye for furniture, or the different materials used, i.e. wood floors or screed or rugs; then all the details – cushions, objects, collections, lighting – start to speak volumes.

Tara Bernerd is CEO and Head of Design at Target Living.