Dice Kayek Haute Couture – Mirroring A Luxury Lifestyle By The Luxury Channel

Dice Kayek

The elegant and iconic building of the Museé des Arts Décoratifs, home to precious decorative artefacts, became the plinth for the pivotal design of Dice Kayek Haute Couture. It was a celebration of experience, tingling the senses with texture, colour, and reminding us of the magic that happens when we immerse ourselves in luxury.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and escorted to the centre hall of the museum, a magnificent room with a sky-high ceiling that was spotted with aerial view points of the show. The catwalk, a mirrored surface, divided the vast space symmetrically down a centre line, mirroring iconic ceremonies through history. At one end of the line, a great mirrored sphere hovered in mid-air like as if it was an all-seeing eye, as the other end met with a sea of photographers.

As we were ushered in and seated, the show opened with a thunder-like boom that evoked memories of great summer storms that come as a luxurious respite from the midday heat. The first look, Kayek’s haute couture take on the tuxedo, floated down the catwalk like a leaf being taken by the wind on a crisp autumn afternoon. This tailored suit was followed by more, with a contrasting mixture of textiles heightening the sculptural elements of each unique suit. The tactile sensibility was reminiscent of the silky textures you find in an expensive hotel suite, from the layers of bedding to the crispness of fresh white towels that can elevate the ordinary to extraordinary.

Dice Kayek

As the looks continued down the runway, we were dazzled with sparkling pieces that glistened in the changing light. Glittering hues of blues and greens were placed side by side on garments, looking like the sparkling reflections of the waters of the sea on a mid summer’s day. Models gracefully glided down the mirrored floor, like the slow-moving currents of the great Aegean seas. Golds and sunset tones were introduced into the palate, and the scene was finished with a structured white, feather-light dress.

The collection mirrors dreamy resort life and the magic of intricate sensory detail, like vivid memories of a holiday. It echos the indulgence of 1960s cinema and the glamour of the 80s. We were left to dream of the gleaming coastline from Turkey to Croatia, where splendour awaits at any hotel from the Dogus Luxury Hotel Collection. Their unparalleled guest experience is motivated by style and by life itself, with magic captured in every moment. A statement of luxury, each hotel is inspired by the elegance and grace of the land. As captured in the spirit of Dice Kayek’s haute couture collection, life should be energised by our beautiful world itself.

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