Desirable Design By Alanna Lynott

Alanna Lynott celebrates five beautiful, “must have” objects of desire from across the globe….


The beautiful Yakuza Lou Chandelier by designer Eddy Sykes is a hand-made light sculpture that gracefully transforms its shape as it sheds a soft, patterned light onto surfaces below. Its brass contours bring to mind church incense burners, origami fortune-tellers and the mysticism and magic of the Hagia Sophia. It is a radical re-imagining of lighting in times gone by, which combines a feeling of history and enchantment with a cutting-edge modern style. It is also available in black chrome and each limited edition chandelier is signed, numbered and takes up to 4 months to complete.

Finishing Touches

Jin Kuramoto’s Rock Vases are stunning little jewel-like vases, inspired by Ikebana, the ancient Japanese method of flower-arranging (a disciplined art form combining nature and structure). The blue, green and red vases are delicately detailed and will sparkle like gems in your home or garden. They are particularly beautiful when stacked together to form sculptural arrangements, which can be changed on a whim.


Build A Sofa by Christian Lessing is at once a modular seating system and a movable sculpture. The nine foam “stones” can be arranged and rearranged for a constantly evolving living room landscape. Whether you need nine stools, an armchair, a chaise longue, a wall or a sofa, you can have whatever you desire in an instant – and it’s guaranteed to be a talking point for anyone who walks through your door. After all, how often do you get the chance to recline on a work of art?


The fourth generation in a line of master goldsmiths, Tom Rucker is the winner of the 2009 Innovative Jewellery Design Award for his unique designs. His highly intricate and delicate creations are made mainly of platinum; laser welded and adorned with rare white, pink, yellow and blue diamonds. His Geo range is spectacular, evoking the magic of the galaxy in each design, which carries evocative names like Tearstar, Supernova and Fire And Ice.


Kamil Kurka’s Coffee Machine is a coffee machine for the iPod generation. With its smooth curves, “sliced apple” shape and contrasting colours, it looks more like a sound system of the future, while the simple design means you can make a cup of coffee quickly and easily. These “coffee pods” are yet to come on the market, but as soon as they do, everyone is going to want one – you saw them here first!