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What makes Italian design so special?

Design Italia

The Design Museum and Peroni Nastro Azzuro host a season of Italian-inspired talks, ‘‘Made In Italy’’ – the influence of Italian design. The Luxury Channel interviewed architect Claudio Silvestrin and Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum to find out more….

What are the talks about?

Deyan Sudjic: The Design Museum and PNA have come together to celebrate the best of Italian design and style, and the talks are a series of relaxed conversations about what makes Italy so special.

Claudio Silvestrin: It’s an informal public discussion about design in Italy. The talks will lead to a better understanding of the evolution and impact of design, design movements and design practice. We will discuss style, passion, and craftsmanship: quality versus quantity.

Why is Italian Design so influential?

DS: Italy has a wonderful ability to make things look, feel and taste special. Milan is the world capital of design. The city is a one-stop place to get a sense of what is happening in design every year.

CS: The number one brand in the world is not Coca-Cola but “Made In Italy,” which suggests style and quality at its best.

Design Italia

How do you differentiate between design that is aimed at the higher-end market and design that is aimed for a broader audience?

DS: I always think that what makes design important is that it is democratic, that it makes the every day just a little bit better.

CS: The myth that beauty is for the few remains absolute – but less and less every day. Good design works in this direction. Design can be of quality but unfortunately also about mere quantity. Ikea is an example of good design aimed for a broader audience.

What is luxury?

DS: Simple things, done really really well.

CS: There is material luxury and spiritual luxury. The perception of silence, quietness, free space, time for contemplation and the feeling of love are more attractive to me, rather than the possession of material toys like boats or expensive cars.

Made In Italy – The Influence of Italian Design

The exhibition talks take place at the Design Museum and will be chaired by director Deyan Sudjic.