David Yarrow’s Pride Rock By The Luxury Channel

“Pride Rock” by David Yarrow

This Autumn, David Yarrow, the world-renowned fine art photographer, presented “Pride Rock,” a major exhibition showcasing his latest photographic works at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, in London. Featuring a bespoke selection of his most iconic photographs, “Pride Rock” highlighted the beauty of the endangered planet and the art of narrative as conveyed by one of the most evocative fine art photographers in the world today.

For more than two decades, the legendary British photographer has been putting himself in harm’s way to capture immersive images of the world’s most revered and endangered species. This latest exhibition of his photographs offered a compelling retrospective of Yarrow’s spectacular work in the wild, as well as his elaborate storytelling portraiture, and gave unprecedented access into his truly stunning archive.

David Yarrow’s Book

Widely heralded as a disruptor in the industry, the exhibition coincided with the release of Yarrow’s first photographic monograph in two years, featuring 150 of his most famous and iconic works during this time, balanced with a first-person narrative weaving through the pages.

“There are no universal rules in photography — only personal ones,” Yarrow revealed. “My central premise is that if photography was a language, then focus would be the most important word in that lexicon. Focus deliberately includes or it deliberately excludes, and it should be emphatically clear what the photographer is trying to say.”

“Africa” by David Yarrow

Recognised as the world’s best-selling fine art photographer of his genre, in recent years Yarrow has found his true comfort zone in capturing the animal and human world in a fresh and creative way, with philanthropy and conservation central to his passion to document. In 2018 alone, charitable donations from the sales of his images exceeded $2 million. Already serving on the advisory board of Tusk as part of his extensive conservation efforts to protect the natural world, in 2019 Yarrow teamed up with Land Rover in support of Tusk to raise awareness of declining lion numbers in Africa, by capturing a set of stunning wildlife images.

For further information about David Yarrow, go to www.davidyarrow.photography, and for further information about the Maddox Gallery, go to www.maddoxgallery.com.