David Gandy – Jennifer Lopez’s New Love Interest By The Luxury Channel

David Gandy and Jennifer Lopez

British supermodel David Gandy will star alongside Jennifer Lopez in the video for her new single First Love, the second release from her new album A.K.A. The video features Gandy getting up close and personal with Lopez, playing the part of her love interest.

Gandy is the only person to feature in the video alongside the star and, whilst he is no stranger to appearing on film, this marks his first appearance in a music video. He revealed that he “got the call and thought it would be great fun and an experience which is a little bit different to the things that I’ve done before. The treatment included a lot of iconic fashion references, so it was an exciting opportunity.” There was an unexpected downside to the experience, however. “We shot in the desert outside LA expecting it to be really hot, but the weather turned. The winds were incredibly strong and created almost sandstorm-like conditions, so it turned out to be freezing making filming conditions a bit challenging!” Gandy admitted. “The crew were in protective goggles, hats and scarves and we were facing the elements, sometimes in minimal clothing.”

But what about his co-star? The model revealed that Lopez was “very down to earth and we had a lot of fun.” Lopez returned the compliment, describing Gandy as a “great guy,” and she joked that “he may have been shirtless occasionally, but for the most part he had clothes on!”