Dasha Kapustina – In Her Own Words By Hannah Norman

The Luxury Channel catches up with Russian model Dasha to talk fun, fashion and Fernando Alonso….

Tell us about your steps into the fashion world – did you always want to be a model?

In the past, I never thought that I ever wanted to be a model, but at 17 years old, I won a beauty competition in my country and one of the Japanese agencies liked me and chose me for a future job with them in Tokyo. So I started my career as a model at 17 years old in Japan.

Dasha at Anyos Park

Dasha at Anyos Park

Why did you want to become involved with the cometoandorra.ru venture?

Because this is a very new project, and a new place for me to relax! It’s very nice and tourists will enjoy their time here – it’s a really perfect place. I have visited many interesting places here and enjoyed it so much. Good restaurants, good shopping, and one of the most important things – great skiing!

What was your favourite thing about your trip to Andorra?

Many good things; I enjoyed it all but one of the exciting things was riding on snow bikes at night, and the hotel in which I stayed was incredible!

Dasha goes snow-mobiling

Dasha goes snow-mobiling

If someone was thinking about coming to Andorra, what would you tell them?

Come, come, come! If you ski, you will be happy here, but if not, you will be happy here too, because there are many nice places for every person and for any age. Just try to come – you will love this place!

What did you think of the clothes that you modeled during your photoshoot in Andorra? What was your favourite look?

The clothes were great. One of my favourite looks was when I was on top of the mountain with snow and the pink gloves -so cute and comfortable! And the clothes when I was in the Vodka Bar; so glamourous and still elegant.

Dasha at GranValira - complete with pink gloves!

Dasha at GranValira – complete with pink gloves!

How would you describe your own style – what do you usually wear when you’re not working?

I think I would describe my style as casual elegance. Sometimes I prefer to put on jeans and a T-shirt and sport shoes for comfort, but sometimes, like every woman, I like to put on some high heels, an elegant dress and I feel very sexy but still very comfortable, which is very important for me!

What do you wear when you are at the Grand Prix or the race track with Fernando? Does he have a certain look that he likes you to wear?

He likes me whatever I wear! I wear more or less comfortable clothes, as when I am there, I am not in the fashion world; I have come to support him, so I don’t think to wear something glamourous, just jeans or shorts, and a jacket.

Dasha at Anyos Park

Dasha at Anyos Park

How supportive is he of your career?

He is doing everything for me that he can! I thank him everyday. He supports me every moment – when I think something is not good or when I feel great – any moment we are together!

What do you think women should be wearing this year? Any style trends or predictions that you can share?

For the last month, I like to wear bright things with bright accents. It is soon the spring and summer, so to maintain a good mood, I recommend doing some bright accents in clothes, but only to an extent, not too much! One bright jacket or pair of shoes!

Dasha at Inúu Wellness Spa

Dasha at Inúu Wellness Spa

If you could do a photoshoot anywhere in the world, wearing the clothes of any fashion house or designer, where would you go and whose clothes would you model?

[Laughs] Some time ago I was thinking about this! I would like to try to do it in the desert at sunset or sunrise with couture clothes – it would be very effective!

Who or what is your greatest influence?

I can’t say that anybody was a great influence for me, as I create my world around me myself, but one strong and powerful woman for me is my mom; it is true! She is a great person.

Dasha at GrandValira

Dasha at GrandValira

Which models, past or present, do you admire?

Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen.

What is the one luxury you can’t live without?

Love, smiles and good food!

What are you up to this year?

Work, travel, love!

Dasha is the face of the cometoandorra.ru campaign – have a read of our article.