Cult Beauty – Hollywood Tips And Tricks By The Luxury Channel

Some of the world’s most renowned make-up experts share their insider secrets with The Luxury Channel….

Cult beauty

Stars may have a crack team of hair stylists and make-up artists to prepare their red-carpet look, but our panel of world-renowned experts give us the inside track on the at-home techniques the A-list don’t tell you about!


Priti NYC founder Kim D’Amato creates the non-toxic, organic nail polishes so popular with health-conscious celebs (her Blue-Eyed Brunette polish was created for the latest Scorsese film at his request). She shares her organic tips for handsome hands below.


For cuticles, you can use your favourite organic lip balm to rub around the edges to prevent them from getting too dry. While watching your favourite movie, try soaking your hands in a bowl of warm, organic olive oil to re-moisturise.

To make a quick sugar scrub that will remove dry, flaky, skin just grab some sugar, olive oil and mix. Use in a circular movement and then wash.

For sun-damaged, dry and uneven hands, grab 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and combine to make a paste. Apply to backs of hands, allow to dry for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Apply good moisturiser and sunscreen.


Rose-Marie Swift is the woman behind RMS Beauty – the only mineral cosmetics range rated by professional make-up artists and celebrities. She did Gisele’s make-up for the Met Ball and knows exactly what it takes to get the stars red carpet-fabulous.


Something all the celebrities do but no-one talks about is to go on a short fast, which is the best way to look fabulous fast! But fasting on water alone or the lemon/maple syrup/cayenne pepper fast won’t work (especially if you’re a little older) because the too-quick weigh drop can leave you looking haggard – not very flattering! It’s best to drink pure organic green juice all day long, so it gives you all the nutrients that your body needs, while detoxing the blood, organs and intestinal track. Then they have colonics – it will flatten the stomach faster than you can say, “oh dear!” It definitely works, and I myself am an avid believer in them. However, if that sounds too drastic, a few weeks of infrared saunas will get your skin glowing, as well as clean the skin of excess fat thanks to its ability to penetrate inches into the body, doing a deep detox of the whole system. Even a traditional sauna helps the skin to detox so it looks less dry and wrinkled. It totally perks up the skin.


Because of the lights on the red carpet – and to banish the dreaded shine! – I think that a very fine powder should be used on the T-zone area so it doesn’t reflect greasy bits on the curves of the face, such as nose, chin and forehead. I believe in NOT totally matting the face down because it looks too flat and leaves the face with no texture. I like to use RMS Beauty Living Luminizer because it highlights subtly. I recommend against silicon-based foundations because they seem to float on the surface of the skin and dry the skin out, so when the heat from the evening is overwhelming, the skin ends up looking underwhelming. Make-up needs to be pure, clean and organic so it can work synergistically with living skin, almost like a second skin – not a sprayed-on, matted-down coating that ages the skin. RMS Beauty UnCover-up Concealer does the trick while still covering small imperfections and leaving the skin to breathe and glow beautifully. A camera-ready face should be a beautiful face not a mask – this is not the olden days where we needed tons of make-up because of inferior cameras. Cameras can be your friend if you work your make-up with care – just use textures to make the most of the light and have soul in your eyes.


Lips are up to you and your face – just do whatever looks best. I prefer matte lips to shiny. Gloss looks unsophisticated to me and tends to run over the edges by the end of a red carpet event. If you seek a soft moistened look, a little can be applied just in the middle of the lips to look nice and soft and reflect the light, but use subtly.