Crowning Glory: Harrods Crown Exhibition By The Luxury Channel

There would have been no Jubilee without a coronation and Harrods is celebrating the Queen’s sixty year reign by looking back at its beginning.

Harrods Crowns

On 2 June 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey, London, almost a year after the death of her father. The spectacular crown was the St Edward’s crown, the official coronation crown. Harrods are marking its iconic status this Jubilee with an exhibition of fashion-forward and free-thinking crowns created by 32 hot designers.

Each crown is based on the St Edward’s crown, but all of them are incredibly different. British chocolatier William Curley has fashioned his from chocolate – perhaps to provide a snack through a long coronation ceremony. Paul Smith’s calls to mind the London tradition of the pearly king: buttons and badges with a Royalist theme. Others are more traditional, jewellers such as Tiffany, Boucheron and Bulgari have all contributed to the exhibition with their take on head gear fit for a Queen. One of the most spectacular is the De Beers crown: 974 diamonds, including the ‘crowning glory’, a 73-carat diamond on top.

Of course, British style, and that of our reigning monarch, has always bucked the trend and designers such as Mulberry and Wedgewood are on hand with a whimsical twist on regal splendour.