Cox, Cookies & Cake By The Luxury Channel

The Soho cupcake scene is given a designer twist.

Patrick Cox

Patrick Cox has a skill set to make any girl swoon… By that we mean shoes and cupcakes, of course! Not content with producing some of the sexiest footwear in fashion, the designer has recently teamed up with master baker Eric Lanlard to open sweet treat take-away Cox, Cookies & Cake on Soho’s Brewer Street.

This isn’t your usual sugary sweet, pink and pastel cupcake emporium a la Magnolia – this is Soho after all. Interiors are modern, dark and sexy, with a black and neon colour scheme complemented by bespoke artwork by Tracey Emin.

In Cox’s own words to GQ magazine: “I want it to be a very sensual experience when you walk in. I think it should be somewhere between a disco, a sex-shop and a cake shop.” Certainly not your regular cupcakery…

The cakes themselves are, naturally, suitably irreverent, think skulls, red frosting and Cox’s design-style twist on each and every one. Plus, they taste heavenly. That’s the hand of Lanlard, owner of Battersea’s famous Cake Boy, master pâtissier and twice winner of the prestigious Continental Pâtissier of the Year at the British Baking Awards. His impressive CV is evident in the deliciously tasty cakes, and be prepared for a few sweet surprises…