The Complete History of Food By The Luxury Channel

Corvoisier presents: The Complete History of Food with Bompas and Parr.

History of Food

Imagine enjoying foods prepared by Michelin Star chefs served inside the stomach of an dinosaur or ricocheting off the walls of a bouncy castle room that resembles the inside of a human stomach. As bizarre as this all sounds, this is what Bompas and Parr have created as part of ‘The Complete History of Food’ across a 5-storey, Belgravia House.

Rarely do we spare a moment to contemplate the historical journey that has transported food from the medieval banquet table to the food on our plates today. As the gastronomic event unveils, guest enjoy a walk-through, multi-course dining experience while exploring key revolutionary periods, such as the Medieval, the Renaissance and Victorian ages.

Upon arrival, visitors receive a calming elixir before crossing the unorthodox, shallow, indoor lake which played home to a batch of eels before enjoying a Courvoisier laced cocktail. Guests also sampled a savoury take on a confectionary classic, the Ferrero Rocher. Equally eccentric were the accompanying drinks, deconstructed champagne cocktails where the bubbles and the beverage were served up entirely separately.

Finally guests arrive in a playfully pink and peach room in front of a giant revolving cake, offering a plethora of dessert jellies complete with ambergris (i.e. whale vomit that tasted strangely like vanilla) and sugar sculptures. Together with Steven Gage, Professor of Innovative technology at the Bartlett School of Architecture, designer Sam Mc Elhinney and neuroscientists from the Wellcome Trust, Bompas & Parr provided jellies that change colour and wobble in response to your body’s autonomic system.

The experience is entirely unique, a decadent delight that breaks any boundary that ever existed between food, science, history and architecture.

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