Cohorted – The Essentials Edit By The Luxury Channel

Cohorted, the UK’s no.1 premium subscription beauty box provider – as voted for by power houses Vogue, Elle, and The Telegraph, no less – has launched the world’s first PPE beauty box curation. “The Essentials Edit” is designed to provide everything needed for personal protection and beauty aftercare post-lockdown.

“The Essentials Edit” by Cohorted

Face masks are now mandatory on all public transport and in shops, supermarkets, and fast food outlets, with a fine of £100 issued to those who do not comply, following guidance from the World Health Organisation recommending that face masks can act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer to others. Whilst we all need personal protection (PPE) to safely recover from the pandemic, the frequent use of PPE can be unkind to our skin. Cohorted’s Essentials Edit contains a month’s supply of essential items and the premium aftercare needed to keep skin glowing and feeling healthy.

“The Essentials Edit” by Cohorted

Inside each box, you will find:
4 x reusable, breathable, dust repellent, non-medical face masks
2 x hydrating face masks to use at home to give your skin a much-needed dose of TLC
2 x hand sanitisers
1 x face moisturiser
1 x hand cream

Every product within the box has been carefully sourced and is cruelty free. The packaging is ultra-responsible; Cohorted uses eco-friendly poly-mailers that are biodegradable and all items within the edit are 100% recyclable.

Music artist Elle L, Cohorted’s Beauty Ambassador (image courtesy of Danny de Marcos)

Music artist and Cohorted Beauty Ambassador, Elle L, is lending her support to the campaign. “I feel I have a responsibility to work with conscious brands that share the same philosophy as I do on progressively working towards creating a positive impact on the planet,” the artist says of her involvement. “I love looking after my skin but I have a busy lifestyle, so I am always trying to find the perfect self-care routine. I wanted to work with a brand in the eco-luxe beauty space that shares values that mean we can work on exciting projects that are inline with a sustainable ethos,” she tells us. “That led me to become Cohorted’s Beauty Ambassador. It’s a partnership that’s constantly evolving and a brand I’m really proud to be aligned with. The people behind Cohorted aren’t afraid to challenge themselves to become more circular and responsible. We have grown together very organically, and not only do we work on projects above the line, such as them being a gifting partner to many of my Fashion For Conservation projects, but we also work behind the scenes to ensure that Cohorted is always moving in a positive direction. Since we started working together, Cohorted have reduced their packaging by over 50%. This has been economically beneficial for them as a brand and has also helped them move closer to becoming more environmentally friendly. This is just one of the achievements that shows an example of their action around being a more sustainable brand.”

Music artist Elle L, Cohorted’s Beauty Ambassador (image courtesy of Danny de Marcos)

Although the RRP of Cohorted’s Essentials Edit is over £40, Cohorted are bringing “The Essentials Edit” PPE box to market for just £9.99 per month’s subscription. Cohorted is committed to giving back to our heroes and through “The Heroes Pledge,” for every new subscriber, an equal value donation of PPE will be made to the NHS. Cohorted is providing a 15% discount to NHS workers on their main line of Responsible Beauty Boxes.

Cohorted is supporting “The Heroes Pledge,” by giving an equal value donation of PPE to the NHS

In conjunction, a special series of interviews, called “Celebrating Our Heroes,” will also launch on Cohorted Cult, hosted by Elle L. Unique insights from life on the frontline will be explored in conversations with fertility specialist, Dr. Larisa Corda (from UK TV’s This Morning) and Nurse Sarah Mulindwa (from E4’s The Sex Clinic). Both have faced the realities of being on the frontline of the NHS during the peak of the pandemic. “There are so many unsung heroes whom we wanted to shine a light on – the work, sacrifices and experiences that people have made and how they have shaped our ongoing recovery from a challenging time globally,” Elle says of the reasons behind starting the interviews.

Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are joined by Dr. Larisa Corda and guests on “This Morning” (image courtesy of Ken McKay, ITV, Rex Features and Shutterstock)

The final question that we put to Elle was to ask her what her personal favourite product of The Essentials Edit is. “The Natura Hydrating Face Masks,” she smiles. “They are vegan, biodegradable, calming and nourishing for the skin, which is perfect to reduce the negative impact of PPE, and the ingredients are sourced from highly-potent botanicals.” Elle adds that “….all the products are sent in a postbox-friendly, biodegradable poly-mailer, so this is another favourite element of the box!”

Elle L’s favourite hydrating face masks in the Cohorted “Essentials Edit” contain rose water and lavender oil to nourish skin (images courtesy of Tiffany Chan and Sharon McCutcheon)

The Essentials Edit by Cohorted is available for just £9.99 for a monthly subscription from