Champagne Jacquart’s 50th Anniversary By Hannah Norman

Champagne Jacquart

How do you celebrate a 50th Anniversary in style? For Champagne Jacquart, the Heron Tower’s 39th floor (otherwise known as Sushi Samba), was the perfect location for showcasing the brand’s new Mosaïc collection, as well as the limited edition Champagne Jacquart Rosé Magnum.

The stunning panama of London at night, looking so small from our vantage point so high up in the sky, provided the perfect backdrop to the evening, all set off by DJ duo Le Bon Tong (AKA Amber Le Bon and Becky Tong). The guest list was an eclectic mix of musicians, models and fashion designers, who were only too happy to sample the fizz whilst enjoying Sushi Samba’s fusion cuisine, such as crispy wagyu taquitos and yellowtail tiradito.

Amber Le Bon and Becky Tong

Managing Director Laurent Reinteau revealed he was “really proud” to be celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary, particularly considering the brand is one of the Champagne region’s youngest, adding that he was “proudly committed to the future.”

Champagne Jacquart is combining the world of design with a contemporary vision and reinventing the codes of luxury through their three key visions of audacity, elegance and passion. Cheers!