Buyers’ Agent By The Luxury Channel

The Luxury Channel meets Alana Sorokin, an elite buyers’ agent at the top-end of the property market….

Buyers' Agent

The turmoil in the property market is well documented and everywhere you turn, there is more news about major property companies, escorted by the banks, beating a track to major cutbacks and insolvency. But as every good investor knows in times of turmoil and disorder, great opportunity exists. Indeed, it was the Chinese that first recognized this paradox and the Chinese word for “chaos” can be literally translated to the word “opportunity.”

There are without doubt fantastic deals out there for the property investor “in the know” and on more careful analysis, some good news stories, despite headlines of economic doom and gloom that on the face of it, herald the end of the property market as we know it.

Dean Sibey, who heads up a specialist firm of valuers and surveyors with offices in central London says “We have never been so busy….and the influx of foreign buyers looking to pick up property in the UK is unprecedented and has supported the price of property around Grosvenor Square and other blue chip areas in London, where property was just simply unavailable in any quantity prior to the squeeze. Other areas, particularly in the new developments along the river, have some fantastic deals for those investors who know where to look.”

The opportunity to pick up a bargain is therefore clear, but finding the right property at an often massive discount to the market is what makes the difference in today’s market. Enter Alana Sorokin who recently relocated to Mayfair in London upon her appointment as Director to Premier Property Agents, an exclusive and elite Buyers’ Agency designed to meet the specific needs of the high-net-worth foreign market, and discrete UK buyers wishing to enter the top end of the UK property market, in the right areas and at the right price.

“The establishment of Premier Property Agents was a natural progression,” Sorokin says. “I have been dealing with high net worth clients for some time and saw a huge opportunity in the current market, to bring together all the best property deals and professional services. It’s incredible the amount of interest currently in the luxury property market here in London, and we are seeing property transactions executed in 7 days in designer locations. For instance, an international client was quick to transact on an apartment in Knightsbridge that was on the market 3 years ago at £6million (today’s value £3million); another in Mayfair, where a distressed apartment was listed at £10million and transacted in 72 hours at £8million – these buyers are seeing the opportunity with a long term view.”

Ms Sorokin is indeed an impressive character standing nearly 6 foot tall and sporting the latest in must-have fashion accessories. She talks both confidently and knowledgeably about her new passion – blue chip UK property. “The market is full of fantastic deals – if you know where to look – and I have established a bespoke service to cater specifically to the needs of those high net worth individuals who know the deals are out there and want to invest, but may not have the time or the contacts to access the right deals,” she confides.

Ms Sorokin refers to the UK property market as “Opportunity Unlimited” and with the right specialist Buyer Agent, the right contacts and the right approach, it quite possibly could be!