Brilliant – A Collection Curated By Carol Woolton By The Luxury Channel


Masterpiece London is the ultimate destination for the world’s most extraordinary items. “Brilliant” showcases the finest diamond jewellery considered to be innovative one-off pieces. It is structured into four artistic disciplines – art, architecture, fashion and sculpture.

The exhibition is geared toward selling, and private inquiries about the collection can be made via in the US.

Bochic jewellery (known for its work with Karolina Kurkova, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Rihanna, Scarlett Johannson, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Chastain and more) has been chosen as one of the 25 “best of the best” designers from around the world. In honour of “Brilliant,” British-born designer and Creative Director David A. Joseph created a collection labelled “Caged Beauty.” The Bochic “Caged Beauty” collection encapsulates the Far-East-meets-Moscow — the Bochic woman’s journey on the Trans-Siberian railway.

Inspired by the historic Silk Road, which was known for connecting trade routes between Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, there are hand-crafted elements like miniature carved mammoth ivory figurines, illuminated by gilded cages of oxidized gold and diamonds – illustrating how the trade activities brought together cultures that would otherwise have stayed separate much longer. The cages are a metaphor of the Bochic woman who is being seduced by the visuals outside the train windows and the allure of new discovery.

“Diamonds are timeless. By employing them in an updated way – by mixing different cuts and colours – I can highlight other materials, thereby making the design the main event. Diamonds are most intriguing to me in their organic state, just as you would find them in nature and along the route of the Silk Road. They still have their brilliance, but are more mysterious and captivating.” — David A. Joseph, Creative Director of Bochic,

According to Carol Woolton: “With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee putting a spotlight on the Crown Jewels and historic Royal Regalia, “Brilliant” will show how diamonds, imbued with their own billion year old history and majestic role in Britain’s heritage, remain relevant in our modern lives and at the forefront of ground-breaking contemporary design.”

Following the exhibition, the complete Bochic “Caged Beauty” Collection will be launched exclusively with Annoushka for the UK market – both online at as well as in the boutiques located at Liberties, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and the free standing store locations.