Brave New Beauty By Alanna Lynott

From being rubbed with hot shells to having electricity passed into her via needles, Alanna Lynott discovers what’s rocking the beauty world this Summer….

Brave new beauty

Lava Shells Therma Facial & Lava Shells Massage

To be honest, the idea of having my face massaged with hot shells sounded a little faddy and more than faintly amusing. However, after just a few minutes, I was converted. Firstly, the Spa Find products used contain Dead Sea minerals and left my skin feeling refreshed and incredibly soft. Secondly, the self-heating shells, created from a blend of porcelain and real seashells, with their smooth surface and curved edges, mimic perfectly a masseuse’s hands and help to penetrate the products deeper into the skin. However, by far the most astounding element of the treatment was the incredible relaxation it induced – at times, I was so relaxed I lost track and slipped in and out of consciousness (that’s the bromide, I’m told). Meanwhile, the Lava Shells body-massage focuses on the arms and stomach and has a similarly hypnotic quality. The organic shape of the lava shell caresses the muscles and is gentle enough to use on the tummy without discomfort. My ‘‘stress pulse’’ (located where the rib cage meets) was calmed and my senses were delighted by the sweet smell of the tropical oils that work to guide the shells around the body. If you’re looking for deep relaxation while pampering your skin, Lava Shells are the way forward.

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Brave new beauty

Natural Tummy Tuck

John Tsagaris is London’s go-to man for acupuncture and all manner of eastern beauty treatments. John’s team have just launched the Natural Tummy Tuck, a mixture of acupuncture and LED therapy that, they claim, can cause you to drop a dress size in one month (around 8 to 10 sessions) by targeting localised body fat. As I lay down, John’s colleague Dapeng Zhang inserted small needles into my stomach and a few down my arms: you hardly feel it; my only moment of uncertainty coming when Dapeng attached clamps to the needles in my stomach (they looked suspiciously like jump leads). For about 10 minutes, electricity was passed down the needles stimulating the lower layers of my skin tissue, after which six LED pads were strapped to my stomach. They heat up, not uncomfortably, and the light wavelengths cause fat molecules to pass into the blood stream where they are transformed into energy (it’s a good idea to exercise after the treatment to ensure that the fat is burned off and doesn’t settle elsewhere). After just one session I couldn’t tell if it worked, but it was relaxing and interesting, and left me wanting more.

Deep Relaxation Colonic Hydrotherapy

It sounds like a contradiction in terms; how can one relax while undergoing colonic hydrotherapy? I have to admit that it was with trepidation that I ventured into the EF Media Spa on London’s King’s Road for my very first colonic experience, but the hushed voices and atmosphere of quiet calm is instantly reassuring. I meet the super-glamourous Victoria, the spa’s ARCH-certified hydrotherapist, who immediately puts me at ease and explains everything clearly until I’m up on the table, chatting happily about my digestive workings. Stress can cause and be exacerbated by digestive problems, which in turn can bring on headaches, skin problems and fatigue. Victoria uses a combination of colonic hydrotherapy to cleanse internally and a soft wave laser treatment to stimulate pressure points on the body to instantly de-stress and rebalance. After the colonic, I feel lighter and refreshed and for a good few weeks afterwards, I feel my digestive system working efficiently for the first time in a long time. The Luxury Channel also loves the colonic at Hydro-Healing Day Spa in London.