Blacklane – Cars With Conscience By Elle L

The boom of fast food, fast fashion and fast cars can be bewildering for the eco-conscious of us. The world is in chaos but most are unaware due to the constant churn of PVC ‘‘Barbie’’ dresses available for next day delivery online for the price of a cup of coffee. Most of these clothes end up in landfill. It’s nonsensical. This is just one of the reasons I have turned my head towards being an ambassador to sustainable fashion. More and more talk of ‘‘sustainability’’ is starting to emerge in the headlines, but now is the time for action. Beyond fashion, it’s so important to know what big and small changes we can make in our everyday lives to support a move towards a healthier planet. I’ve been seeking out sustainable solutions so I can live the good life without the cost to the environment.

In the last few months, I’ve had to travel and I am aware of my carbon footprint. My charity work has taken me as far as the natural jungles of the Amazon to the concrete jungles of New York. This is where I stumbled across Blacklane and their eco-conscious car service. It’s a great alternative car concierge app and really a favourite for me, as they have a fleet of Teslas and electronic luxury cars that make necessary trips both comfortable and less impactful to the environment. For rides in traditional chauffeured vehicles like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, Blacklane offsets the carbon emissions of all of its trips. Not just that, they are innovative with the app, which let’s you message your driver and they can track your flight so are already aware of any delays should they occur. The service is second to none and I recommend them as just one way you can choose better when next booking a car around town or to the airport.

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