Billionaire Boys Club – Dashing In Tweed By The Luxury Channel

Pharrel Williams – superstar music producer, singer and co-founder of fasion label Billionaire Boys Club – has given timelessley stylish tweed a new, relevant spin.

Billionaire Boys Club

In collaboration with Dashing Tweed and their resident textile designer Kirsty McDougall, Pharrell’s vision for trendier tweed was quick to become a reality. Hooded jackets, skater shorts and tailored blazers were re-fashioned out of green and brown tweed with a reflective yarn. The royal blue velvet pockets on the blazer contrast with the muted tones of this quintessential fabric.

Pharrell has demonstrated a quiet respect for the traditional ever since he spoke at the Oxford Union and performed at the Magdalen College May Ball. While carefree students danced to Drop It Like It’s Hot, perhaps Pharrell took inspiration from his tweed-loving audience?

Today, this limited edition clothing range made from specially commissioned tweed, woven in Dumfriesshire, is available at luxury boutique stores in New York, London and Tokyo. These on-trend garments are causing quite the stir and perfectly live up to the Billionaire Boys Club mantra that “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.” Classic, relevant and with a high wearability factor, Pharrell’s new range is just one of the luxury brands putting Scottish textiles back on the trend map. And with the 150th Anniversary of Harris Tweed next year, you can be assured that this will be the fabric that everyone is talking about.