Avakian Diamonds For Men By The Luxury Channel

The Luxury Channel looks at the new collection of haute couture jewellery from Avakian….

Avakian diamonds for men

Diamonds might traditionally be a girl’s best friend, but men are able to get familiar with them courtesy of a new collection of haute couture jewellery from Avakian.

The latest collection from the Swiss jeweller includes some spectacular men’s pieces, including eye-catching cufflinks which employ a complicated and innovative inlay technique in which one precious stone is set within another. Titanium, black onyx and amethyst are inset with yellow diamonds and emeralds, and for any man who feels that a cufflink just isn’t enough, Avakian has also launched a stunning black gold and sapphire ring.

Avakian have been creating men’s jewellery for over two decades. Noticing a gap in the market, they started to produce high-end accessories which had a level of design and intricacy often reserved for women’s items. Now, they number countless royals, heads of state and senior businessmen among their clients and have a dedicated men’s accessory team.

The new collection puts into practice Avakian’s commitment to merging traditional and modern tastes – it’s the perfect celebratory piece for any fashionable male. After all, this summer gold might be good, but diamonds are forever.