Architecture in Action By Tara Bernerd

The Boat House in Windsor, designed by End Studio, and Tara Bernerd on adding value to your property.

The Boat House in Windsor

The Boat House, Windsor

The brief:
To create a boathouse for receptions and events in Windsor. The boathouse and its sister swimming pool pavilion will be located on the river front with almost 360 views of the English countryside.

The challenge:
How to make the building at one with its natural surroundings.

The solution:
The creation of an “edgeless” lightweight structure that blends with the surroundings. Every effort was taken to reduce the edges of the building for a smooth and uninterrupted look.

Can a building be a work of art?

The boathouse is a work of site-specific art. The project has been an exercise in sensitivity as well as technical know-how and architectural knowledge.

On the Money

Architecture in action

Tara Bernerd tells us how to add value to your home through clever interior design

I always think great layouts, i.e. an understanding of the use of space, adds the most value. If you have a marvelous wood floor for example, investment in larger doors, playing with scale, can make an enormous difference.

Tara Berned is CEO and Head of Design Target Living.