All That Glitters By Antonia Peck

Those who wish to woo their lover this summer should present their lady with one of these gorgeous jewels….she won’t say no!

Fabergé’s Rings

These rings are part of Fabergé’s inaugural High Jewellery collection. Artistic, original and pioneering – the spirit of Fabergé has a new raison d’être and the luxury industry is taking note.

Damiani’s Engagement Rings

Jennifer Aniston received a Damiani engagement ring from Brad Pitt. Need we say more?

Lyme Fine Jewellery’s High-Romance Earrings

These bespoke earrings will look fantastic on the lady who wishes to dance the night away with her suitor.

Tach’s Symbolic Rings

A statement of passion and love – these rings have a life beyond the honeymoon period.