A Vintage Year By Hannah Norman

Christmas is fast approaching, and whilst that should be a time of year to be indulging in goodwill to all men, when it comes to the inevitable headache of Christmas shopping, most people’s goodwill evaporates faster than the token glass of sherry left out for Father Christmas. Even amongst those who sensibly decide that rather than struggle with heavy bags, the most strenuous thing they will do is click the button of a mouse, the question at the back of everyone’s collective mind remains the same – what do I buy that they won’t already have?

Step forward Vintageseekers.com, a veritable treasure trove of interesting one-of-a-kinds that your prospective recipient is unlikely to already possess. Are you after a guitar signed by The Police? A 1920s flapper dress? A first edition Ian Fleming? A 1980s Lanvin necklace? Or even a bottle of wine from the year they were born? From kitsch to collectible, Vintage Seekers are a one-stop shop when it comes to completing Christmas buys. The site also has its own bespoke seeker service, so if there’s something specific that you’re after but can’t locate, they can team up with their myriad contacts to see if they can track it down.

I’m told that, “every piece in Vintage Seekers’ collection is selected using consistent criteria to ensure it matches up to our benchmark for original, authentic vintage.” We may live in fast-paced, modern times, but there’s no denying the subtle charms of good, old-fashioned vintage.

Go to www.vintageseekers.com or call +44 (0)207 836 5596.