A Kind of Magic From Shawish Genève By The Luxury Channel

Mini Mushrooms

Renowned for its dazzling World’s First All-Diamond Ring, Shawish Genève jewellery is the allegory of a world full of surprises and fairy-tale creatures. During this year’s BaselWorld Fair, Shawish Genève will unveil jewels representing a unique look at the Haute Joaillerie, combining old tradition and magical technology. Featuring spectacular designs, and combining precious stones and technical skills, the Shawish collections truly excel in the art of bringing fascination and emotion into traditional fine jewellery.

Fancy Mushrooms

The Shawish Genève booth at BaselWorld will be a symbolic embodiment of sensual beauty, styled to experience the enchanted world of Shawish – a place to discover the fine jewellery inspired by a magical forest and fairy-tale world, as imagination is an infinite source of inspiration and creativity.

Dandy Mushrooms

The idea of travelling back to our childhood in an enchanted forest – perhaps reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland – is a thrilling one, oscillating between dream and reality. The Magic Mushrooms collection evokes purity, elegance and sublimity comprising necklaces and bright, coloured pendants (which are also realised in a mini version with a series of gold charms, enameled in vivid colors and set with brilliant-cut diamonds), as well as bracelets, rings and earrings. Rich in tastes and smells, the mushroom can alter one’s perception of reality and take us through to the other side of the mirror in the land of dreams. The mushroom is also a symbol of longevity and even immortality in Asia.

Beauty of the Sea Ring

Another perceptible legend is the underwater world of the Beauty of the Sea collection, inspired by the exploratory voyage of the Nautilus and the legend of Atlantis and its underwater kingdom. The nymph Columba displays her slender features and graceful postures. She represents the very essence of femininity with her abundant tresses flowing between the gemstones. She is delicately perched on a crystal ball holding a handful of rough diamonds flying in all directions, like a light dusting of magical snow, which brings to mind the grains of sand on the bottom of the sea. This poetic ensemble is worn as a pendant or ring.

Beauty of the Sea Necklace

Precious stones are enhanced and staged through a fine balance between unbridled creativity, authentic artisanal gem-setting work and a touch of magic technology. The Bespoke creations thus out-do each other in terms of exuberance and poetry, while preserving the most refined jewellery craftsmanship traditions. Blending finest luxury jewellery with the thrill of catching light and intriguing theatrics, the Octopus bangle, the mermaid’s defiant buckler full of mystery and awe, appears to have emerged from unseen underwater spaces. Crafted in 18-carat rose gold and entirely paved with diamonds, it is enhanced with a pale pink pearl. Its eight tentacles encircle the forearm with an ingenious system ensuring a comfortable feel. Behind this voluptuous design lies advanced technology, and a luminous system makes the inside of the diamonds sparkle randomly. Shawish’s Octopus is a marvel emblazoned with sparkling diamonds that can change its scintillating color whenever you desire.

The Octopus

Shawish Genève’s jewellery creations are transformed from authentic legends, bringing to life the most improbable visions. Is that not indeed the very essence of jewellery?

For more information, please go to www.shawish.ch.